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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Read bangla in your mobile

               ENGLISH WRITING
   we are using mobile internet in our mobile.but we can not see Bangla in our mobile.I am writting this post for they remove their problems.
    At first we download opera-mini click here only 354 k.b. it is a jar file .so 100% mobile support it.
after finished the download file we should install in our mobile.
see u it is install in your mobile application. see fig
   Now, connection ur mobile internet then open ur opera mini. go to the address opera:config then click this red link. comming opera mini setting.at the last setting Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts has bee no.U should  yes this line & save .finished the work.Then u can see in bangla in ur mobile. If you face any difficulties please comments under the post.

    Amra onekei mobile e internet babohar kori. Kintu bangla dekte pari na. tader sommossar kotha mathai rekey amar ai banglish post.
 At first amra ai linke acti click kore opera-mini-5.1.22296-advanced-.en.jar download korbo. Size matro 283 kb. Link ta mediafire er. So no chinta, do download. Jehetu ati akti jar file. Sutorang besirvag mobile e support korar kotha.
Download ses hole file ti apnar sundor shokher mobile e install din. Dekben apnar mobile er application folder e opera mini install hoise. See fig:
Akon apnar mobile e internet connection thakte hobe. Jodi thake tahole opera mini open korun. Er address bare type korun  opera:config   tar por go te click korun. Opera mini er settings asbe. Ai settings er akdom seser setting ‘Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts’ no kora ase. Apni ati ke yes kore save korun. Kaj ses. Ar por akan thake ber hoye jekono web site/ facebook e click korun. Apni sundore bangla dekte parben.
N.B:  ai setting ti matro akbar korlei cholbe. Too enjoy the experience of see bangla in your lovely mobile set. If you face any difficulties please comments under the post.

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